Meet Portia & Caleb...


Portia started the Kitchen Miranda blog in 2013 with the goal of documenting healthy meals. Cooking has always been a way of connecting with others for her. Being more on the shy side, food was her comfort zone. The place she felt the most comfortable. She was taught by both of her grandmothers who were outstanding cooks. To this day she credits them as her inspiration and remembers them while in the kitchen.


Soon after creating Kitchen Miranda, her and her husband Caleb had just returned from living in China and were on a mission to feel better. Eating wholesome, homemade, farm to fork meals got them on the right path. Over the years she also began sharing recipes and tips to others interested. Also cooking as a private chef for a few clients. 


Her goal is to create and share healthy meals with families. Also help others feel more comfortable in the kitchen.



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