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Oat Straw

Really? You drink this stuff?

My thoughts exactly when I asked about Oat Straw at the farmers market. I honestly thought it was some type of decoration on the vendors table. Ha!

One of my favorite things about going to the farmers market is that you can really connect with the farmers. They can tell you every detail about their farm, their products for sale and all the heath benefits. They are so passionate about their produce because they know the care and love that goes on behind the scenes. But also they are first hand consumers. They can honestly tell us what makes their produce special.

So back to my Oat Straw introduction. I asked the lady what this was used for and how to prepare it. Because at first glance it looks like horse food. How in the world do you eat this stuff? She gave me all the details and I was totally sold. Helps with anxiety? Yep, need that. Helps with hormonal issues? Uhhhh ya, definitely need that. Oh, and it help you sleep better?? Sign me up!

There are many ways to incorporate Oat Straw into your diet. The lady recommended that I boil it in a large bowl for 4 hours. Then store the strained tea in the fridge to drink a cup a day. I tried it for a week and I did notice I slept better. It was also a PMS week (worry TMI) but I didn’t feel as many cramps. I’m on week two of taking a little each day. I love the routine and hope to incorporate this tea into my first more regularly. Since it’s cold outside and non caffeinated ink with health benefits seems right up my alley.

Below are some of the health benefits. You can ask google or Pinterest different ways to prepare Oat Straw for consumption. If you have any ideas or come across something new, leave us a note in the comments. I’d love to hear what you guys thinks!

Oat Straw Health Benefits:

.Naturally lowers cholesterol Helps with the Nervous SystemRich in Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium Used by Herbalist to fend off Depression and strengthen the nervous system

.Treats Osteoporosis to build hormones and stimulate cell growth

.Oat Straw contains a high amount of silica which is what nails are mostly made it’s. So it strengthens nails and hair.

.Oat Straw tea can be used to treat skin problems such as rashes, burns and eczema. You could spray it on or take a bath in it.

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