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Park Winters

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

THE “Garden Tour” at Park Winters


Park Winters

27850 County Road 26

Winters Ca 95694

Deets on the Monthly Garden Tour:


-Tour is scheduled to be about an hour (plan on 2)

-Winters is a small town near Davis

-Arrive a few minutes early to take a peak at the Bed & Breakfast

-Wear good walking shoes

-Bring your camera because this places is dreamy

-Also don’t forget bug repellant

We booked the monthly garden tour weeks ago and I was really excited to see this property in person. I was familiar with Park Winters because it occasionally pops up on my Instagram feed and it became “insta” famous after its Summerland Event with local bloggers. It’s a free tour of the beautiful property that has a history dating back 100 years. Its been renovated in recent years to be a Bed & Breakfast, premier Wedding Location and a perfectly curated garden oasis.

Our tour included 7 individuals and the ever hospitable Rafael. A little about Rafael our tour guide. He has hand-picked and perfectly arranged all the gardens and landscape. He oversees all of the operations of Park Winters and loves what he does. Believe me it shows! We started our tour with the Multi Purpose Room and Kitchen. They host multiple events and dinners here. Including special dinners curated by the Chefs. These dinners highlight in-season produce, much of it grown there on the property.

Next we toured the garden. I was impressed with how everything was perfectly manicured and placed. Rafael pointed out that with each season something is thriving and colors change accordingly. Since weddings and special events are held there, they make sure all the dead leaves are picked up daily and nothing looks out of place. Kind of like Disneyland he said. They make sure everything is kept tidy without disturbing their guests or taking away from the experience.

Some of the Gardens highlights include a picturesque pond with coy fish and lotus, a lavender and rose sanctuary, retro peanut shaped pool and a wall of magical flowers. It was like an English garden in the middle of Winter’s farmland. As you walk the property you can smell all the beautiful flowers and herbs. As well as see all the flying insects in their happy habitat. The way nature should be.

One of the highlights was the “fig forest”. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. These colossal fig trees literally formed a forest with a walkway and canopy underneath. There were different variaties including the black mission figs to other types that tasted like strawberry jam and melted in your mouth. These trees were dripping with figs and had several thousands still on the trees. Needless to say we were able to pick till our hearts were content. We will happily be eating figs all week and reminiscing about the magical fig forest.

Also on the tour was the original home built before Park Winters exisited. It used to house farmers, workers and the like. It’s a very special place that really is the heart of Park Winters. You step inside and can literally picture yourself living there many many years ago. One of the most intriguing things about the little old house are hundreds of dried bouquets hanging from the rooftop. If you look closely, you can see all of them are from brides who got married at Park Winters. So many memories treasured in one small place. You could spend hours in there just admiring the antiques, bouquets and personality of the home.

Next was the Chicken Palace. Never heard of such a place. It’s basically a chicken coop created with scraps from the property. But this isn’t a typical chicken coop. It has a wrap around fence, chandelier, antique mirrors throughout and a massive 100 year old elderberry tree providing shade. Needless to say I’m pretty jealous of those little chickens.

Alongside the Chicken Palace stands the old barn converted into another mutli purpose space or dining area. It’s a place curated with antiques, old stained windows, dried flowers from the land and other beautiful furnishings. This little barn has a special feel to it. Like you’re walking into a movie set or something from long ago. It was featured in Sunset magazine because of its charm.

I cannot express enough how much we enjoyed our time at this beautiful place. It was a therapeutic escape from the city life and enabled us to connect to REAL LIFE. Admiring the flowers, observing the flying creatures and just connecting with special people in person. It was a relaxing day that was truly refreshing.

Thank you Park Winters!

Thank you Park Winters!

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