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Travel Necessities for the Naturalista

Here’s the scoop for all you traveling naturalists. Its been a slow transitioning process to use natural products. It requires a lot of research, reading reviews and just trial periods. But in the end, so worth it. It’s peace of mind knowing that you are not putting toxins in your body or the environment.

For our trip to Mexico I had 5 All Natural Products that I will forever be grateful for. They made our trip enjoyable and I honestly feel they prevented me from getting sick. These were tried, tested and were the real MVP’s of traveling.

1. Sport BERKEY Filtered Water Bottle

This portable water filter purifies water, making it safe to drink. It absorbs chemicals and pollutants from the water and reduces harmful pathogens such as toxic chemicals, pesticides, metals and so on. I really like it because it made my water consistently taste good. I heard so many stories about the water in Mexico and didn’t want to chance it. I’m happy I brought this along. We purchased bottled water only for food prep and drinking but I would pour the water into the bottle. I didn’t get sick from the water which was a relief. I look forward to using this bottle for daily use and as my emergency tool. The filter is so powerful it was designed to be used with water from remote streams, lakes, stagnant ponds and substandard water sources in foreign countries

2. COCOKIND Matcha Stick (All Purpose)

The green stick miracle worker! Its an all over moisture stick so you can only imagine the possibilities. The ingredients are only coconut oil, beeswax and matcha tea (all organic). I used it as a lip balm, for my hubby’s eczema, under my eyes for a little “pick me up”, to pat down my hair flyaways, mosquito itch relief, eyebrow salve and sunburn relief. It protected my skin when needed and was a useful tool for other instances.

3. DOTERRA DigestZen

My number one, my go-to! This oil has become best friends with my stomach. I have so many issues with stomach problems. Its easily irritated and a nauseous feeling can creep on me really quick. This oil goes with me EVERYWHERE. I put a couple drops on my tongue to get rid of a bad taste and relieve that gas-sy feeling. I also will rub a drop or two on my stomach to relieve a stomach ache or help with digestion. This oil replaces all medicines for stomach/digestion problems. Its 100 percent natural without chemicals or side effects. It truly has been a lifesaver so many times.

4. Schmidt’s Deodorant (Bergamot & Lime)

So here’s the truth. I sweat easily and natural deodorants have never worked on me. It was frustrating because I do not want harmful chemicals or parabens going into my body. Most deodorants contain these which our body absorb and can cause cancer. So it was very important that I keep trying deodorants until I found one that works. Schmidt’s was a 100% percent winner. I picked it up at Whole Foods a couple months ago because of a sale and I am completely happy with it. I only have to put it on in the morning and it lasts all day. No stinky armpits, even with excessive sweating! I’ve only tried the Bergamot and Lime scent. I like it because it’s a very mild scent. I found my deodorant winner and will be sticking to this. Also on a side note, my husband for got his deodorant and used mine. Maybe TMI and gross but whatevs! He used it and was impressed. That says a lot for a grown dude to give it a thumbs up ; )

5. Bronner’s Soap (All Purpose)

This soap is so versatile. We buy a small bottle and can dilute in for so many purposes. We use it as a body wash for taking a shower and shampoo. It’s came in handy when using restrooms that didn’t have hand soap or while on the beach to clean our stuff off. It can be used to brush your teeth. Also it can be diluted to be used to wash clothes. It’s a nice tool to have in your bag for various uses and emergencies. Especially if you are not near a store or need to clean something quickly. No harmful chemicals for toxins…just natural. FYI a small bottle goes a long way since you dilute the soap.

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